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Our country is in deep trouble and our politicians are making things worse. It's time for bold new leadership to fix America.


National Security

The top priority of any President must be to safeguard our country. Since the end of the Cold War, the greatest threat has been and remains terrorist attacks perpetrated on our soil or against our forces and embassies overseas as well as our allies. There can be no doubt that Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations are plotting even more lethal attacks than we experienced on September 11, 2001.


Our economy's productive capacity is greater than it was before our Great Slump began. We have more labor and more and better machines, factories, residential structures, office buildings and other capital available to produce goods and services. We're just not using all the available labor and capital. The invisibile hand that Adam Smith said would guide competitive economies to socially desirable outcomes seems to have lost several fingers.

Our Kids Are Us

If there is one central concern of this campaign, it's the terrible future we are leaving for our children. It's a future of second-rate education, significant high school dropout rates, huge college debt for the remarkably few completing college, high unemployment, low-paying jobs, enormous fiscal obligations, and a financial system that can't be trusted.

Making Wall St. Safe For Main St.

Our financial system is unsafe at any speed. It's brought the economy to its knees, producing massive unemployment and underemployment. The cause was first and foremost financial fraud. The financial industry, aided and abetted by rating companies on the take, politicians on the make, and regulators on a break, systematically manufactured trillions of dollars of securities that we now call toxic. And we call them toxic, not because they were risky, but because they were phony.

Foreign Affairs

Our country brought an enormous and precious gift to the world -- the promise and reality of freedom. Our forefathers risked their lives and fortunes so we could be free -- free to think as we'd like, say what we want, pray as we please, and shape our own destiny.


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Why Kotlikoff in 2012?

Our country's problems are severe and getting worse. No candidate has all the answers. But the problems we face are primarily economic ones and may be better addressed by someone who has spent his life focused on our economic problems and their solutions. No economist has, to my knowledge, ever run for President. In recent years, we've had a nuclear engineer, an actor, two businessmen, and two lawyers. In their hands, the economy has done very poorly on a number of critical dimensions. In particular, none has come to grips with the country's long-term fiscal insolvency.

We've also been very badly served by the two parties' primary concern -- obtaining and maintaining power. This may work for them, but it's certainly not working for us. It's time to elect someone with fresh, bold ideas that will appeal to all segments of society -- someone with the courage to both articulate and implement what's really needed to fix America.